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Following the sudden and unexpected climate change which led to a reduction in available beach and increased the risk of storm surges, we inform all participating riders and the public that the European Beachcross Cup will be postponed to a later date.

The Euro Beachcross organization apologizes to all participants and the public for the inconvenience.

However, everything will remain unchanged for the national competition which will be moved to the next weekend on 9-10 March 2024.

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The International Motorcycling Federation - Europe (FIM Europe) is thrilled to announce the implementation of new regulations for the Beach Cross European Cup, which promises to bring further excitement and competition to the world of sand racing.

Licenses and Categories: The regulation clearly establishes the eligibility criteria, with particular attention to annual or single event continental promotional licenses. Categories, including MX2, MX85 and Veteran, offer opportunities for broad participation.

Age of Drivers: Special attention is placed on the minimum and maximum age for each category, ensuring that drivers are adequately prepared and safe for competition.

Registration: The registration process is made easy and accessible via the event's official website, with the registration cost set at €90.00 per rider.

Preliminary and Technical Checks: The regulation outlines the crucial phases of the preliminary and technical checks, guaranteeing the integrity and conformity of the motorbikes.

Event Format: The event format is designed to maximize the driver and spectator experience. The races will take place over two days with qualifying sessions, main races and the always exciting Super Champ race.

Points and Rankings: Points will only be awarded to drivers who complete at least 50% of the laps covered by the winner, ensuring that the ranking reflects the performance of the participants.

Communications and Entries: Official communications and entries must be made in accordance with the regulations through designated channels.

With the new regulations, the Beach Cross European Cup aims to promote participation, ensuring high-level competition and a memorable experience for all motocross fans.

For further information and details, please visit the official event website:

The Beach Cross European Cup is preparing to hit European beaches with a renewed regulation, taking the sand competition to new heights of excellence.

Click here to view the 2024 FIM Euro Beachcross Regulations

Download PDF • 456KB

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