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The FIM Europe - Euro Beachcross CUP is born - Soverato first official stage, Great Britain among the locations.

Rome, 15 December 2023 -

Rome, 15 December 2023

Today, the agreement for the creation of the FIM Europe - Euro Beachcross Cup, an unprecedented competition that will bring the beachcross circus to sand at European level. The agreement, signed by the promoters Rinaldo and Vincenzo Tirotta and by the president of FIM-Europe in the person of the president Martin de Graaff and the general secretary Alessandro Sambuco, gives life to the Cup for 2024 which takes its roots in the City of Soverato Winter Trophy, born in 2003 and subsequently evolved into the European Grand Trophy. This experimental formula was born with the nomenclature of "Cup" to then become an official Championship in 2025.

We thank the Federation Internazionale Motociclistica for collaboration, an idea born in 2003 and the constant commitment has today created a new title with a new vision made possible also thanks to Claudio Bernardinelli who with his commitment he contributed to the creation of this new Championship.

In addition to the sporting celebration, the European Beachcross Cup places particular attention on the needs of the riders, considering the high costs associated with a competition of this stature. In line with this awareness, a logistics strategy has been developed aimed at facilitating pilots to participate more easily in the event in every aspect and to be able to request any information.

This new format aims to cleverly combine the emotion of beachcross with the evocative setting of European beaches, bringing motocross to high level in urban centers to make more and more people aware of the discipline. The European Beach Supercross Championship will start on3 March 2024 on the Italian beach of Soverato, the birthplace of the Gran TrofeoD'europa which will keep its name historical.

The subsequent stages will cross the most evocative beaches in Europe, culminating in the event final in the UK on 19-21 October 2024. The winner of this pioneering competition will be awarded the title of European Beachcross Champion and receive a prestigious "King of the Sea" as new among the legends who triumphed in previous editions.

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