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The 2019 European Grand Trophy: A Unique Symbol of Tradition and Technology

In the heart of the exciting competition of Il Gran Trofeo D'Europa 2019, a unique work of art comes to life, combining local craftsmanship and futuristic technologies. The coveted title of King of the Sea is contested among the participants, but only one will have the honor of lifting the trophy which represents the culmination of passion, commitment and seafaring skill.

The idea that gave life to the distinctive trophy is owed to the brilliant mind of Vincenzo Aquila Tirotta, Artistic Director of GTE2019. In collaboration with Orbit, the cutting-edge 3D printing company founded by Pasquale Orlando, the trophy was conceived as a symbol destined to endure through future editions.

the creation process, led by Pasquale Orlando of Orbit 3D, was a masterful combination of tradition and innovation. "Creating this trophy was a complex but extremely satisfying process," explains Orlando. "We have combined different but complementary materials such as wood and metal, adding an innovative component with plastic polymers.

Orbit 3D, specialized in 3D printing, has used the best techniques available to guarantee an excellent result. The creation process was structured, starting from the initial sketch, and then moving on to a phase of defining the design. Subsequently, a detailed 3D graphics model was created to bring the idea of the finished trophy to life.

The result is a unique piece that not only represents the success of the current edition, but which will carry with it the history of past and future editions. The names of previous winners are already printed on the back of the trophy, a touch of continuity and a tribute to the protagonists who made the history of the competition.

In a joint statement, Tirotta and Orlando express their satisfaction in having contributed to creating such a significant symbol for the Gran Trofeo D'Europa. A combination of creativity, tradition and technology that will remain indelible in the memory of those who aspire to raise the title of King of the Sea.

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