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Beachcross European Cup - FIM Europe Press Release

The FIM Europe is pleased to announce the signing of the contract which assigns the organization of the Beachcross European Cup to the new Promoter FORGIT Ltd.

The agreement foresees the organisation of a European Cup in 2024 and a European Championship for 2025 and 2026.

Rinaldo Tirotta, President Stilaro Racing“I thank the FIM Europe for the collaboration. An idea born in 2003 and the constant dedication has today created a new title with a fresh perspective, made possible also thanks to Claudio Bernardinelli, whose commitment has contributed to the realization of this new adventure”.

Vincenzo Tirotta, Forgit Ltd Director“I’m enthusiastic about this new agreement with the FIM Europe, that we thank for their foresight and availability. For this new project, we want to change the vision and the method which until now has made participation in an event prohibitive for teams and riders on a global level. In addition to the sporting celebration, the Beachcross European Cup, in fact, pays particular attention to the needs of the riders, considering the high costs associated with a competition of this stature. In line with this awareness, a logistical strategy aimed at facilitating riders to participate more easily in the event in every aspect, through the creation of an all-inclusive package that eliminates the stress of a competition and transforms it into an experience for the participants”.

The European Beachcross Cup will start on March 3rd on the Italian beach of Soverato (CZ), birthplace of the European Grand Trophy which will retain its historic name. The next rounds will cross the most evocative beaches in Europe, passing through the United Kingdom on October 18th-20th and another stop in Europe on October 26th-27th.

Alessandro Sambuco, FIM Europe Secretary General“It is always a pleasure to add new continental titles to the FIM Europe sporting offer. This is the case of Beachcross, which will start in 2024 with an European Cup entrusted to an expert and passionate promoter. I think the all-inclusive package offered to riders is particularly interesting as it will allow them to forget about any logistical and organizational difficulties and concentrate only on the sporting event. I hope that in the years foreseen by the agreement the Promoter will be able to involve a growing number of FMNs who make their coastal sites available to the discipline”.

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