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Beach Cross European Cup. Meeting at the FMI with the creators of the new competition

Sand and two knobby wheels. These are the main ingredients of a novelty in the world of international competitions: the Beach Cross 2024 European Cup, an event recently presented by FIM Europe and supported by the FMI thanks also to the meeting which took place yesterday in the Federal headquarters between the < strong>President Giovanni Copioli, the Head of the FMI Off-Road Office Gianluca Avenoso together with Vincenzo and Rinaldo Tirotta, creators of the event.

The 2024 Beach Cross European Cup will be an international titled event, enriched on Saturday by the presence of a national competition on sand. The racing weekend is scheduled for 2 and 3 March in Soverato.

An event that is already shaping up to be a highlight in the panorama of European motor racing.

In view of this important initiative, the IMF will be present in Soverato for a promotion campaign. The objective will be to inform and involve pilots and the public not only on the Beach Cross European Cup but also on the many activities carried out by the Federation. Among the services offered by the organization of the European Beach Cross Cup, the All-Inclusive Pack is worth mentioning, a package designed to reduce participation costs for pilots. For further information and updates on the event, you can consult the website or contact the organisation's press service. www.eurobeachcross.comwww.federmoto.it_11100000-0000-0000-0000 -000000000111_

Giovanni Copioli, FMI President: “I am really happy for the creation of this new competition, to which as the FMI we will give full support and maximum institutional support after that already received from FIM Europe. Starting the year by immediately announcing good news is the best way to start again with momentum.

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